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Why Hire an SEO Agency?

Protect your Valuable Web Assets

Some practices are considered “black hat”—frowned upon by search engines as unethical. Some of them may work temporarily, but if the algorithm detects black hat SEO, your site may actually lose ranking.


In other words, if you try to DIY your optimization, there’s a real risk of doing more harm than good. If you have invested in branding and development for your website, you don’t want to undo all that work by tainting your domain with counterproductive SEO.


Effective SEO agencies know how to execute safely so you don’t lose your precious web assets to downranking.

Pick the Right Keywords

On-page optimization can be done for any keyword you imagine … but are they the right keywords? Are you sure you know what your potential customers are actually searching for?


After all, the goal isn’t just to get in front of eyeballs. The goal is to turn the owners of those eyeballs into customers. The goal is to convert—that is, convert traffic into leads or customers.


SEO companies use keyword analysis tools to identify keywords that convert, which they can then optimize for. This often includes long-tail keywords—multi-word keywords that potential customers use when they are ready to buy.


EXAMPLE: “Car dealership” is a generic keyword phrase. “Car dealership new and used in San Diego” is long-tail, and represents a motivated potential customer if your services match their search terms.

Backlinking Strategies that Work

Acquiring powerful backlinks is time-consuming and often complicated. It’s not as easy as putting links in Tweets—those get ignored. If you pay for links, use “personal blog networks,” or try to exchange “links for links” with other businesses, you run a high risk of the links getting ignored or, even worse, hurting your ranking.


SEO companies know which backlinks work based on the current algorithm climate. They may have relationships with or access to high-authority domains that can provide powerful backlinks if used right.

Focus on Doing What You Do Best

You didn’t go into business to spend all day thinking about your website. You went into business to do what you do best, whether that’s making and selling products, providing specialized services, consulting, entertaining … whatever it is you do. Ranking your website is just a means to that end.


All of the above steps of SEO take time, effort, and expertise. Why not entrust this important marketing effort in the hands of an expert? You owe it to your business to avail yourself of that expertise.


If you have a website that converts, good SEO pays for itself. If everyone is doing their job properly, you should see the revenue produced by organic web traffic outpace your SEO expense. That’s really the only reason to do optimization in the first place—to get a return on your investment.


It all depends on a website that converts. If your website is designed to build your brand, generate sales or leads, or otherwise contribute to your company’s bottom line, SEO provides more long-term return on investment. While paid ads are static, generating a more predictable, straight-line return on investment, the effects of SEO compound, creating an exponential growth curve that leads to market dominance.


With enough attention to SEO, your business could be the only name in your niche, completely eclipsing all competitors.

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